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Character development

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[on how much of the old Bucky can be seen in the Winter Soldier] I think my goal is that you’ll get to see that. You know, the truth of the situation is although he looks very different and there’s different things about him, it still comes from the same person. I think you’ll get to see that no matter what. I think part of my goal here was to make sure that you see an extension of that version but just a different color of that same version in a way. I think he’s still the same guy; he’s cut from the same cloth. (Stan)

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Track Name: Haikyuu!! Bluray Vol.2 CD


Considering my other translation got a lot of notes, I figured I’d translate this one too~~ This track is based on the extra in Volume 3, by the way. 

Short explanation: Japanese is written in a combination of kanji and kana. Kanji are complicated and can have various pronunciations. Children spend a long time learning how to read them. This track makes references to various kanji idiomatic compounds. Idiots like Hinata and Kageyama have a hard time reading them.

Daichi: Alright! Morning training at 7 o’clock tomorrow! Dismissed!

Everyone: Yes!

Noya: Sorry, the products I mentioned earlier are finished. Could I ask everyone to stay a little longer?

Suga: Aah, those t-shirts?

Hinata: What t-shirts?

Suga: A shop Nishinoya frequents lets print words and other things onto t-shirts. 

Hinata: Oooh!

Noya: Of course we made t-shirts for the 1st years too!

Hinata: Yay!

Tsukki: I have a bad feeling about this…

Daichi: Now, now. They were cheap and it’s OK if you only wear it inside the gym, right?

Tsukki: I didn’t ask for a t-shirt to begin with…

Tanaka: What’re you talking about? We only had to pay 500 yen to get shirts and the word prints this time! It was a steal!

Noya: First we’ll show mine and Tanaka’s t-shirts!

Tanaka: Yeah!

Tsukki: You don’t have to go out of your way and get changed…

Daichi: Just let them do it. We couldn’t stop them if we tried anyway.

Noya: Mine first! Look! RACING RECKLESSLY!

Hinata: Uwaah! 

Yamaguchi: It definitely suits you, Nishinoya-san.

Noya: Right?

Tanaka: And mine is.. look! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

Hinata: Uwooh!

Yamaguchi: A-Ah, it’s perfect for you, Tanaka-san. 

Tsukki: But both are usually not used positively.

Suga: Haha, yeah, that’s true.

Noya: Really!? The characters say ‘racing forward like boar’ and that’s really positive, isn’t it!?

Suga: Hmm, it usually means you should take a better look at your surroundings.

Noya: People should race forward recklessly. Thinking can be done later, right? RACING RECKLESSLY!

Hinata: Cool!!

Suga: Somehow it does sound cool when Nishinoya says it, huh.

Yamaguchi: Ehm, why did you choose SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, Tanaka-san?

Tanaka: Survival of the fittest, in other words, the strong eat the weak and the weak become the meat. Such a life-or-death world is really manly, isn’t it?

Yamaguchi: …I see.

Tanaka: Hahaha. I’ll bite any enemy to bits!

Hinata: I want to… I want to wear mine too!

Tanaka: Alrighty! Noya-san and I chose the words for the 1st years! Alright, I’ll give everyone their shirts now. Try them on! Here, Tsukishima.

Tsukki: I don’t want to wear it.

Tanaka: What, why? You haven’t even seen it yet.

Noya: Do you doubt our fashion sense?

Tsukki: I have no doubts at all. That’s why I don’t want to wear it.

Noya: Huh? 

Tanaka: I don’t understand what you’re trying to say but… Just wear it already without complaint! We’re going to take pictures!

Daichi: Tsukishima, those two won’t understand your sarcasm. Give up.

Tsukki: [sighs]

Hinata: Uwooh! So cool!!

Noya: It suits you!

Hinata: Ehm…

Noya: What? I thought of that one, you know. You got a complaint?

Hinata: No, that’s not it. But.. how do you read this?

Noya: Were you happy without even knowing what it says..?

Suga: It says GREAT TALENTS MATURE LATE. It means that great talent requires time to blossom.

Hinata: Uwaah, I’ll try to become great as soon as possible!

Tsukki: It’s misspelled, though.

Hinata: Huh?

Suga: Ah, it really is.

Tsukki: Of all things, the character ‘become’ is missing a stroke. Become isn’t becoming become, haha.

Yamaguchi: Haha.

Tsukki: Nishinoya-san, nice crank.

Yamaguchi: Indeed, Tsukki!

Noya: Shut up! It was a mistake!

Kageyama: Still better than HERBIVORE, Tsukishima. And MOLLUSC, Yamaguchi.

Tsukki: Ooh? Being a herbivore is still indefinitely better than being a SINGLED-CELLED ORGANISM.

Kageyama: HUH!?

Tsukki: And you’re the only one with a 3 character idiom. Do they dislike you?

Kageyama: What’d you say!?

Tsukki: Stop trying to look scary while wearing that t-shirt.

Kageyama: What’d you say!?

Tsukki: Haha, you really are single-celled hahaha.

Kageyama: Grrr.

Suga: He’s reacting to Tsukishima’s taunts funnily, huh.

Daichi: Haha, Kageyama seems difficult but he’s simpler than he looks. Straightforward? He’s beyond doubt…

Daichi/Suga: …a single-celled organism. 

Hinata: What is written on your shirts, senpai?

Suga: What about yours, Daichi?

Daichi: Mine says…


Kageyama: That’s obviously SEVENTH FALL EIGHT DOWN.

Noya: Read it properly, you two!

Tanaka: What’s the point of falling on the 7th floor and again on the 8th!? It means falling on the 7th and getting back up on the 8th! In other words, SEVENTH FALL AND EIGHT UP.*

[T/N: It means ‘always rising after defeat’. I had to translate it literally or else Tanaka’s remark wouldn’t make sense.]

Tanaka: It’s perfect for Daichi-san!

Hinata: Uwooh! Cool!

Asahi: Ehh.. I tried on mine too, but..

Hinata: Uwah! The sun and Mount Fuji! Eh… HAPPY NEW YEAR..?

Tsukki: …Is that even a idiom?

Asahi: Huh? …Now you mention it …Is it?

Suga: But I get it somehow.

Daichi: Yeah. HAPPY NEW YEAR definitely suits Asahi.

Noya: HAPPY NEW YEAR for Asahi! The reason is …?

Hinata: I know!

Kageyama: What is it?

Hinata: He’s omedetai, right?! *

[T/N: Omedetai can mean ‘happy/auspicious’ but when used to describe a person it usually means ‘dumb/clueless’]

Asahi: Eh?

Suga: Hey, hey. An omedetai person is usually a moron, you know.

Asahi: Eeeh!?

Hinata: S-Sorry! I didn’t mean it like that!

Noya: Asahi-san isn’t omedetai at all!

Asahi: Nishonoya!

Noya: Asahi-san is the opposite of omedetai, isn’t he?

Asahi: …Yeah, yeah.

Tanaka: Alright, let’s give the correct answer! The name Asahi holds the key. The morning sun rises to the eastern peak!

[T/N: Asahi () means ‘morning sun’. And Azumane (東峰) means ‘east peak’]

Yamaguchi: I know! It refers to [….], right?

[T/N: It’s a pun on the name Asahi and the first sunrise of the year. I can’t really translate it…]

Tanaka: Ooh! Correct! That’s right, Asahi-san?

Asahi: A-Actually, that’s not how it is.

Tanaka: Huh? It’s not?

Asahi: Yeah. They simply named me Asahi because my birthday is on January 1st.

Noya: Ah, that’s right. I had totally forgotten.

Asahi: Eh!? …I’m tired I’m being poked at.

Daichi: So, what idiom did you choose, Suga?

Suga: [shows]

Hinata: Uwaah! Great! …Huh? I-INDEMITEBLE?

Tanaka: INDOMITABLE! Don’t act impressed when you can’t even read it!

Suga: Tanaka, I can’t believe you can actually read it! 

Tanaka: How rude! […]

[T/N: He mentions some history about the meaning that I’m too lazy to look up.]

Hinata: Oooh!

Suga: Yeah! It means a person doesn’t crumble not matter how hard the situation is!

Hinata: It’s similar to the captain’s version, but yours sounds even cooler!

Suga: Now, now. T-That’s not true.

Daichi: That’s right. But compared to the others, it’s too proper and uninteresting and unfunny…

Suga: …He’s really jealous.

Suga: Lastly, Ennoshita has one too!

Ennoshita: Yeah.

Suga: Ennoshita’s sure is simple, huh.


Tanaka: …Are you messing up on purpose?

Hinata: I’m always serious!

Tanaka: You mean you really can’t read it!? How the hell did you manage to enter this school!? It says ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME ENCOUNTER!

Suga: It means: something you can may come across only once in your life and should therefore be cherished.

Asahi: It sounds kind of sad…

Daichi: Don’t get sentimental over every little thing.

Tanaka: ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME ENCOUNTER for Ennoshita. The reason being?

Ennoshita: It’s a phrase by Senno Rikyuu.*

[T/N: A really famous tea master.]

Hinata: Eh!? Senno Rikyuu… who is that?

Ennoshita: …Never mind.

Daichi: OK, OK. Be quiet for a second, Hinata.

Tanaka: You might not get it, huh. The name Ennoshita holds a clue.

Yamaguchi: The ‘en’ in Ennoshita links to having to cherish special encounters, in other words, special connections…?

[T/N: The ‘en’ () in Ennoshita (縁下) means ‘link/connection’.]

Tanaka: Correct! Great job, Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi: T-Thank you.

Daichi: Ah, Shimizu has one too, right?

Shimizu: Yes. Sort of.

Asahi: Nishinoya and Tanaka chose your idiom, right?

Hinata: Why won’t you wear it?

Shimizu: …

Asahi: What did it say? It probably said something nice, like GIFTED WITH INTELLIGENCE AND BEAUTY, right?

Shimizu: It’s this..

Suga: Wow! It’s in shocking pink!

Noya: Haha. That’s actually quite expensive, you know.

Tanaka: But we really wanted Kiyoko-san to wear this color!

Kageyama: What does it say? Could you show us?

Shimizu: Hm…

Kageyama: SHIMIZU…

Hinata: …KETSUKO?

Noya: It says KIYOKO!

Tanaka: Don’t be rude!

Shimizu: Why my full name?

Asahi: Huh?

Shimizu: Why is mine the only one with a full name?

Asahi: Why, you say?

Shimizu: Everyone else has idiomatic compounds.

Tanaka: Normal words can’t express Kiyoko-san’s beauty!

Noya: Only Kiyoko-san’s name itself can do so!

Daichi: I see. That’s how their brains work.

Asahi: Yeah.

Shimizu: You guys… Only making your own t-shirts properly…

Suga: She’s coming here!

Daichi: T-That’s not true!

Shimizu: It is! 

Suga: We really thought it was going to be GIFTED WITH INTELLIGENCE AND BEAUTY or something—

Tanaka: Kiyoko-san! Please try it on!

Noya: We’ll turn away. Everyone, turn away!

Shimizu: I won’t wear this unless my only other option is being naked.

Tanaka/Noya: Naked!?

Shimizu: What part are you responding to!?


ONE EPISODE LEFT somebody wipe my tears

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I know everyone is super excited about new mega pokemon but I wish they also made some new normal evolutions too…

I wanted to make Altaria’s cloud wings look like they emit light, not sure if it worked?

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Mihael Keehl + chocolate.

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baby miyuki image

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Day 27: Favorite scene from a movie 

I had a hard time choosing the best parts from Howl’s Moving Castle… There are just too many beautiful moments. So I sort of mixed two of them. I almost gave up on this one, ‘cause I couldn’t get the colors right and the ring to move smoothly, but if you want the good version there is always the movie <3.    

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#free_69min: ghibli! i worked really hard on these puns okay

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