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Posted with permission. 

Poor Asahi-san ;w;

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⌊ unravel ⌉  ×  TK (凛として時雨)
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A must share

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Do you feel something like princess,senpai?

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haruka being excited is cute but ayano and shintaro probably thought like ‘i…cannot keep up with his excitement’ so they just gave up calling him senpai o<-<

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Kaneki Ken, accepting his ghoul’s side and looking hella fantastic with stressed out white hair.

now i got so much respect at him, and realized how important the chair is in the opening of TG

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What do you do for fun when you’re on a break? Nikolaj and I tried to do a dance number walking down the steps of the Court. - Peter Dinklage (x)

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"Hunter x Hunter" anime - Alluka playing with Sailor Moon and Texudu Mask dolls

"Sailor Moon" anime - “Greed Island” game showed in the background

If you haven’t known yet, the authors of the two manga - Yoshihiro Togashi and Takeuchi Naoko married and had 2 kids.

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Hey! you’re getting sick?

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