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and so I ended up drawing that Greedling suggestion

what’s going on I can’t stop

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[fmab challenge] four deaths (4/4): greed

"I thought you never told lies! You can’t let it end like this!" "You totally fell for it though, shitty brat! That was my first and final lie.

Damn… I guess this is it… Man, both Ling and the midget totally made a fool out of me. That was plenty… Yeah, that was enough for me, I don’t need anything else. Peace out, soul… brothers…

he’s all i have left
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It’s time to let go, it’s time to carry on with the show 

don’t mourn what is gone, greet the dawn

n’ I will be standing by your side

together we’ll face the turning tide

No seriously, poets of the fall is probably like my ultimate FMA band, I can’t help it. I must be on a fma kick.:B

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"so you think you’re the queen of ice?…"


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fma meme: (1/2) favourite ship

"this was the fated encounter that started their love."


We’ve got the hawk’s eyes always watching

I’m pretty sure someone’s done this before but this is Hawkeye as Hawkeye! I love Riza’s character and I could very much imagine her wearing this. Also yes, that’s the central command logo instead of the SHIELD one :)

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[ make me choose! ] Riza vs. Al, asked by royyed
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[fmab challenge] four deaths (3/4): maes hughes

I’ll come home as soon as I can!
Elicia… Gracia… I’m sorry… I don’t think I can… keep my promise…

[fmab challenge] four deaths (2/4): fu

Young master… become the king you are destined to be. It’s time for this old geezer to begin his eternal rest!