Anonymous asked: Why did you blacklist hnr?

i like hnr a lot but part of the fandom can be kinda annoying (sorry) and everything is pain. it was actually my first time blacklisting something, i tried tolerating but i just couldnt stand it any longer so.

plus im taking a break from reading the manga i don’t want to know anything it’s been awhile haha

/#anon #ans #im blacklisting shizume and mazume too cuz some people dont tag their stuff properly :| 
Anonymous asked: Oh shit, yeah my bad.... Lol jk I'm not that anon. But don't doubt yourself so much you're lovely.

well. it just feels kinda sudden and out of nowhere since ive never received that kind of ask but thank you anon you’re lovely too have a nice day!!

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Anonymous asked: i have a crush on you <3

…………….omg who are you are you sure you sent this to the correct blog

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Anonymous asked: OAO What happened to his hand?

uh idk if it’s different in the manga or what but if you’ve read the walkthrough for sdr2 you should know?? i finished the game like one or two months ago so yea

spoilers ahead if u dont wanna know

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Anonymous asked: Hey I believe the head banging Satsuki is a reblog I have seen the post before with over 10k notes by a different user weeks ago

repost*? okay thanks, deleted :o

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Anonymous asked: hi there,,how to make the psd for /post/49678189013/if-we-prove-ourselves-here-in-this-first-battle?

um. what do you mean by “how to make the psd”??? or are you asking where i got my psd cuz i edit my gifs myself i dont download psd so… yea. if youre asking how i colour that gif this is usually how i do it: [link]

and as for the patterns i’ve answered it here before [link]

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Anonymous asked: what steps do you usually take to color your gifs? they're so pretty *v*

sorry for the late reply i couldnt answer asks previously but it’s working again now ^^

hmm i have an adjustment layer for selective colors first and play around with the colours- for example, if u want the red colours in your picture/gif to stand out more u can decrease the level of cyan-ness for your red (i hope i am making sense) and if u want your red to be orange-y u can try increasing the yellows etc etc selective colors is  fun

next i’ll usually have brightness/contrast- sometimes i use it sometimes i dont cuz i’ll have a curves layer ltr on to increase the brightness of my gifs. but when i use it i only slightly increase the contrast level?

um um um. (sorry im typing this from memory rn cuz im kinda lazy to open photoshop haha i hope im typing accurately enough)

i think i have color balance next. u can play around with it and make ur gif looks more red-ish or purplish or blue-ish or yellowish etc and that’s up to you

and i’ll have the saturation/hue layer so u can make ur gif more colourful or less colourful if it get pixels.

followed by curves to increase the brightness of my gif and i’ll be done so if im still not satisfied with the colours i’ll add more adjustment or texture layers here and there till i like what im looking at.

that may not be all that i do but yea those are mainly the layers i use. tbh there isnt really specific steps that u should be following. just play around with the layers and stuff! enjoy!

oh and before i forget- thanks for the compliment btw ^^ have a nice day and sorry for typing an essay-long reply

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Anonymous asked: oh are you learning in college?

nope im learning at some… japanese language centre (im not exactly sure but i guess u can call it that since they teach japanese there ??)

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Anonymous asked: how's your japanese language study going?

hello there anon! hmm it’s okay i guess??? just that grammar is really tough imo but then again english grammar is hard too so yea… (whisper: my grammar sucks) sometimes me and my classmate just look at each other in the middle of lesson and laugh because we’re dying hahaha

even tho ive learned a lot i still have a long way to go so yeapppps

/#anon #ans #thanks for asking :o 
Anonymous asked: where did you get your elizabeth pixel and can i use it? thank you

please check my credits page :)

and well i guess you can use it as long as it’s for personal use and leave a credit and not repost it or anything idk??

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