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Anonymous asked: Hi! I was wondering if you could kindly direct me to where I can watch the new Kyoukai no Kanata OVA with English subs? I'm only finding raw versions of it. I would really appreciate it!

i said i wont be answering asks regarding this anymore unless you’re not on anon so i can reply you privately but i feel so bad…………..

so here you go: http://hakurens.tumblr.com/post/91211942111/do-you-have-the-link-for-the-subbed-knk-episode-0

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post tags: anonansim gonna disable anon for a while ._.
Anonymous asked: Catch *throws potato*

what’s going on- *catches your potato awkwardly* *munches on it* (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

um thanks so do you still want it or something

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Anonymous asked: this is probably a dumb question,but how do you reply to replies? like this /post/91216255606/chizu-replied-to-your-post-5-10-15-20-puiling

it’s not dumb! well there are two ways. but you’ll have to download xkit first i think it only works if you have xkit? it’s quite convenient there are lots of functions to make ur life on tumblr easier haha

method 1:


method 2:


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Anonymous asked: 19. Favourite resource blog?

i love northerndawn cuz amazing textures! some deviantart users have nice textures too. and a few other sites i mainly google if i need anything but usually nah. idk what im doing haha

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Anonymous asked: If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better! ♥

omg really. thank you so much im glad i made someone happy i hope you stay happy forever and everrrr


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Anonymous asked: Do you have the link for the subbed knk episode 0?

p-please check my recently answered posts here ive actually answered a lot of these already….

but for the very last time: (listing all the links just in case)

Anonymous asked: where did you download the knk ova w/ subs?

raws: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=570816
chinese subs: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av1252924/
fan translation: http://fuku-shuu.tumblr.com/post/90752994857/live-translation-for-the-kyoukai-no-kanata

im sorry but im not sure if theres any proper english subs yet…? D:

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post tags: anonanspeople keeps on sending the same asks omg

thank you omg ;o;

but sigh idk. it’s not like i dont understand how the anon feel. s/he isn’t wrong. tho i was actually a little pissed that another tumblr user was brought up in that ask, cuz im not responsible for what other people do??

and well i’ll try not to do this again (but really, i dont usually do this too and i probably wont have the time anymore since school is starting soon….)

sometimes it’s really frustrating cuz i want to gif scenes i like too. capturing screenshots for the scene, admiring the animation, colouring them and having an end product that i can be proud of. but other blogs always do it first. can’t really blame them since im slow haha

thanks anyway im sorry for ranting D: let’s let this matter end already i dont want to turn it into something huge like arguments and stuff haha.

have a nice day! :)

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Anonymous asked: you can tumblr houtarouh need to learn and wait before actual subs comes out before giffing cause ur spoiling everyone on tumblr >_>

i’ll sincerely apologize for what i did (but seriously, am i the only one who got this ask. if youre gonna ask me pls dont include another tumblr user here cuz i cant answer for their actions thank you)

tbh i hate it when people post before the subs come out. those annoying people (yea i am one now too yea yea yea) always get to gif stuff before i can like ugh i just wanna gif stuff i like too but they always used the raws like wtf. since they already made the gifs i dont wanna make something someone else has made it’s kinda pointless (unless im high)

SO i just wanna gif a little this time i thought it would be harmless. it’s just a little scene from knk ep0 that i like. like woah akihito. maaaaan. i didnt expect it to get like, um lemme check, 4000+ notes now????!!?!?!? sometimes when i gif scenes like this they usually get around 200+ so i didnt think it would actually matter and be significant to people (i honestly dk why people reblog it) i didnt think i would end up spoiling so many people?????? 


HERE’S SOMETHING FOR U. i was gonna translate the ep as an apology but i searched the knk tag and someone has already posted a translation that they did themselves (?)

there u go

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Anonymous asked: can you link us the chinese subs then?

chinese subs here. people subbed it by entering captions i think? so the sub’s like 0.5 sec late sometimes

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