jirocchi asked: OMG! F U. (not seriously though) You just reblogged donten ni waru and i freaked out because I thought there was an update. But there still hasn't been one :/.... FML, they seriously need to update it!

omg that was a spoiler???????? i. didn’t. know. omg. i finished the manga last year by reading the chinese raws i thought the english translated ones would have caught up or sth alr by now…… sorry i’ll tag “dnw spoilers” if i reblog any dnw stuff from now on…?? ;;

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HAHA YES. thank you jee :D

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aaaaa so cute!! ;__;

hehe ikr and thank you c:

omg i like your pencil case colour!!!! and your baby collection is growing (‘:

i wanted a maroon pencil case but the zip colour wasn’t nice so i picked the yellow one (AA accessories ftw) and lol it’ll probably stop here idw a heavy pencil case :x

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hime-gami asked: IRL BOWLCUT IS ADORABLE I WILL FIGHT YOU ON THIS. (My friend's mom made her and her siblings have matching bowlcuts for nearly half of her life)

im sorry if i offended you in any way BUT I REALLY HATE DISLIKE BOWLCUT (IRL) OMG it just makes me feel uncomfortable idk why :|

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makoyann replied to your post: makoyann replied to your post: makoyan…

my harem: makoto david akashi kazehaya (and can i include mamura) (you can join the fun too) (pls leave my baby nephew out of this)

i see david is behind makoto weiyan how can you where is your years of love for david tsktsk poor david (/throws ur nephew his packet of m&m) (thanks for the invite but i have a bigger harem waiting for me to lead) (wait. i’ll join if theres free food)

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i want u to luv me

u alr have ur harem of david joe makoto akashi and idk who else (ur nephew??????) dont be greedy

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makoyann replied to your post: anonymous asked:i have a crush on…

waaaaah secret admirer siol

what do you want weiyan

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Anonymous asked: Oh shit, yeah my bad.... Lol jk I'm not that anon. But don't doubt yourself so much you're lovely.

well. it just feels kinda sudden and out of nowhere since ive never received that kind of ask but thank you anon you’re lovely too have a nice day!!

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Anonymous asked: i have a crush on you <3

…………….omg who are you are you sure you sent this to the correct blog

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Anonymous asked: OAO What happened to his hand?

uh idk if it’s different in the manga or what but if you’ve read the walkthrough for sdr2 you should know?? i finished the game like one or two months ago so yea

spoilers ahead if u dont wanna know

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