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thegodsofcalamity replied to your post: Read More →

oh man that’s rough :c good luck, though!! c: you can do it

thanks i hope so, guess i just have to face it, heh :)

disillusionedtoday replied to your post: Read More →

I think you’ll be fine, honest. I got overwhelmed my first year until I found my ‘groove’, per say. Sometimes it is a lot at once but you find a balance. And don’t stress! Good luck with college!

thanks!! i hope i can settle down well like you too ^^ but omg my college keeps sending emails counting down to the first day of class i feel kinda sick excuse me……………….

Anonymous asked: Hi! I was wondering if you could kindly direct me to where I can watch the new Kyoukai no Kanata OVA with English subs? I'm only finding raw versions of it. I would really appreciate it!

i said i wont be answering asks regarding this anymore unless you’re not on anon so i can reply you privately but i feel so bad…………..

so here you go: http://hakurens.tumblr.com/post/91211942111/do-you-have-the-link-for-the-subbed-knk-episode-0

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post tags: anonansim gonna disable anon for a while ._.
leakycauldrcn asked: hello! uhh where do you get kaneki icons like your current one?

well the original art was drawn by shiromi on pixiv (she has drawn lots of nice tg fanarts!!!!! :D), all i did was cropped it and adjusted the colours :o

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Anonymous asked: Catch *throws potato*

what’s going on- *catches your potato awkwardly* *munches on it* (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

um thanks so do you still want it or something

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Anonymous asked: this is probably a dumb question,but how do you reply to replies? like this /post/91216255606/chizu-replied-to-your-post-5-10-15-20-puiling

it’s not dumb! well there are two ways. but you’ll have to download xkit first i think it only works if you have xkit? it’s quite convenient there are lots of functions to make ur life on tumblr easier haha

method 1:


method 2:


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Anonymous asked: 19. Favourite resource blog?

i love northerndawn cuz amazing textures! some deviantart users have nice textures too. and a few other sites i mainly google if i need anything but usually nah. idk what im doing haha

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chizu replied to your post:5, 10, 15, 20
puiling dont you do this when you sharpen? (it does it all at once ) yeahps.tumblr.com/post/…

i cant do that on my cs4 D: even tho i can do it on my cs6 but im not very comfortable with it haha ive been with cs4 for too long. i’ll switch one day, someday…..

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hakunanakama asked: 5, 10, 15, 20

5. Link your first ever graphic (or earliest you can remember)
this is very embarrassing: my very first proper edit / my very first gif (i didnt know i have to use hq videos to make gifs i was so, so, so dumb idk about pixels or anything i knew nothing omg)

10. 3 things you don’t like about graphic making
the fact that sometimes i spend a lot of time on it but it still turns out shit, sharpening every frame manually and pixels (theyre actually kinda cool on bw gifs tho but pixels on bw gifs are rare unless u do it some other way)

15. Name 2 pros and 2 cons of the program you use to make your graphics

  • pro: um im not sure about the pros but errrrrr it can load files to stack? some ps i downloaded cant do that like ugh
  • pro: i can uh, make gifs and edits with it? idk omg
  • con: well i cant sharpen all the frames at one go
  • con: it lags like shit and only works super fast after i let my laptop go to sleep and open it again

20. Advice you would give to beginner graphic makers
just click around to explore the functions???? i learned many things just from clicking around on ps tbh i didnt know a single thing i used to be scared of ps (well i still am scared of it crashing down in the middle of an edit lol)

and um, dont focus on the effects so much. i feel that what matters in the end is whether it looks nice or not. dont try to show off your skills and neglecting how ur graphics look. dont over-sharpen pls. dont use shitty fonts. and most importantly, dont stop trying (what rights do i have to give advice tho haha) 

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Anonymous asked: If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better! ♥

omg really. thank you so much im glad i made someone happy i hope you stay happy forever and everrrr


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Anonymous asked: Do you have the link for the subbed knk episode 0?

p-please check my recently answered posts here ive actually answered a lot of these already….

but for the very last time: (listing all the links just in case)